Appel à candidatures pour des bourses ASRIC et UEMF à l’endroit des étudiants africains



In recognition of the role of science, technology and innovation, as essential tools for Africa’s socio-economic transformation, and the needed institutional arrangements for the implementation of Africa Science, Technology and Innovation Agenda, the Executive Council of AU Member States adopted the Decision Ex.CL/Dec.747 (XXII) and Decision Ex/CL/Dec.216(VII) on the establishment of the African Scientific, Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC). The ASRIC was launched officially in November 2018, and the African Union Scientific, Technical and Research Commission (AU-STRC) is the Secretariat of the ASRIC.

The ASRIC is mandated to implement Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA-2024) and to promote scientific research and innovation in order to address the challenges of Africa’s socio-economic development. It also mobilizes African research excellence and provides a platform for dialogue among African scientists and serves as a voice of the scientific community in building and sustaining continental research and innovation nexus, that including the building requisite technical capabilities.

On the other hand, the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes (UEMF), was created in November 2012 and labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean (a union of 43 country members). UEMF is a University of a regional character and is located in the iconic city of Fes, which houses one of the oldest still-functioning universities in the world, “Al Karaouiyine”.

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The University was created with aim to promote the values of leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and solidarity, in furtherance UEMF is a growing centre of excellence in higher education and research with more than one and half thousand students, 24% of which are scholarship recipients. Meanwhile, international partnership agreements signed in 2018 with Belgian, French, German, Moroccan and Spanish higher education institutions promise new opportunities for academic exchanges.

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Considering the comparative advantage and the common mandate of ASRIC and UEMF “building Africa’s technical competences” the two institutions decided to engage on a long-term scientific collaboration and as of that the UEMF offered Scholarship for African PhD students to undertake studies and research work at UEMF.

The Call

The ASRIC and UEMF offer 10 scholarship slots for the academic year 2020-2021 for African PhD students to carry out their doctoral research work at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes (UEMF), Morocco. The duration of the study and that of the scholarship is three years.

The scholarship includes; tuition fees of about $9,000, accommodation, annually one return ticket from your home country with a maximum contribution of $1,000 during summer vacation, and a stipend allowance of $1,000 monthly for 11 months every year.


The candidate MUST be ready to undertake a research in the following areas:

  •   a. Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence;
  •   b. Embedded systems;
  •   c. Additive Manufacturing;
  •   d. Materials;
  •   e. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency;
  •   f. Energy storage; Batteries and Smart grids; or
  •   g. Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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  •   • Must be national of the one of the African Union Member State;
  •   • Applicants must be less than 35years of age at the end date of this call;
  •   • Must have Master’s Degree (in science or engineering), Diploma or Engineering Diploma or any other equivalent diploma (baccalaureate + 5); and
  •   • The candidate must demonstrate remarkable ability and devotion along with experiences in conducting research in the selected field of study.
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The application form to this call should be completed and submitted before the deadline of the call. The following also to be attached to the application form (Download Application Form HERE):

  •   a. An updated CV;
  •   b. A certified copy of the baccalaureate;
  •   c. A certified copy of the master’s diploma or the engineering diploma or any other equivalent diploma (Bac + 5);
  •   d. A copy certified transcript(s) of all university-level coursework completed corresponding to the diploma or masters;
  •   e. A copy of the Master (or equivalent) thesis or dissertation;
  •   f. A certified copy of the international passport.
  •   g. 2 personal passport size photographs

All application and supporting documents should be submitted to the ASRIC Secretariat by email to and CC before the call deadline.

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For any further inquiries, contact:

African Union Scientific, Technical and Research Commission
Plot 114 Yakubu Gowon Crescent,
Abuja, Nigeria
Email: and CC
Telephone: +234 806 589 1643


The call will be ended on the 15th July, 2020 at 17.00 hours (GMT+0) Rabat Local time. Any application that is received after the deadline will be rejected.

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